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portable washer dryer combo

Portable washing machines are nifty little devices that let you wash small loads of laundry when you don’t have access to a full-sized washer/dryer setup. You may have never even heard of them, but for many people, they are an absolute must-have. Here are the top 5 reasons you should buy a portable washing machine.

5 reasons you should buy a portable washing machine

Reason #5: They save space

If you live in a small studio or 1-bedroom apartment, you already know that space is at a premium. But even if you own your own home or larger condo, smaller appliances mean more room to enjoy your home.

Since portable washing machines can be moved around and put away in closets, they don’t eat up space and don’t have to be an eyesore.

Unless you’re the type to wear every single article of clothing you have before doing laundry, it’s quite likely that you’ll find yourself in situations where you have less than a full load that needs washing. Given that a typical load of laundry takes between 40 and 55 gallons of water, this can be a significant waste of water (and detergent!). Portable washers come in a variety of capacities to meet your needs, so you can find one that gives you the right balance between size and conservation.

Reason #3: They are more convenientFind the Best Washer and Dryer

If you’re a renter without an in-unit washer and dryer, you’re familiar with the frustrations of having to lug around your clothes to the laundry room (assuming your building has one). Worse yet is having to go to the laundromat, which eats up hours of your time and can potentially expose you to some very unsavory characters while you’re there.

Even if you already have a washing machine at home, a portable washing machine might be perfect for people who work long hours at the office. If you consider the workplace your second home, a portable washer could be a life-saver, especially if you frequently have mishaps when eating Chinese takeout.

Reason #2: You can take them with you

Whether you’re packing up an RV for a road trip or just move frequently for work, it’s no surprise that portability is a major selling point for portable washing machines. A traditional washing machine can weigh around 250 pounds, making it a hassle if you’re on the go. Furthermore, they require dedicated hookups, which you’re not going to find in your camper or van.

Reason #1: They save money

A washing machine is a big-ticket expense, with basic washers costing around $500 and with better units easily surpassing $1000. In contrast, a portable washer tends to run in the $200 neighborhood. Unless your family resembles the cast of “Kate Plus Eight”, there simply may not be a need to spend that extra $300-800. When times are tight, it’s important to find different ways to save, and investing in a portable washing machine might be just the value-conscious move your budget needs.

Here are the Best Portable Washer and Dryer Combo Comparisons

TypesImageReviewsItem WeightPrice
LG 3.6 CF FRONT LOAD WASHER DRYER COMBO99 Customer Reviews201 pounds$$$$
Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine Washer5 Customer Reviews68 pounds$$$
Maytag Maxima XLTM Front Load Steam Washer and Steam Dryer SET (Electric Dryer)3 Customer Reviews550 pounds$$$$
Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine134 Customer Reviews33 pounds$$$
Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash with Stainless Steel Tub186 Customer Reviews43 pounds$$$

Check Out the Best Washer and Dryer Combo and their Prices

Washer And Dryer Combo

Definition of Washer and Dryer Combo:

A Washer and Dryer Combo generally refers to a washing machine where clothes dryer and a washer is combined to form one unit. It is becoming increasingly popular among the people living in urban areas because it consumes much lesser area and can fit well into the small flats. It does not take a lot of place like the separate washing and dryer machines. This machine is much easier to use and is convenient to people who have less time to wash and dry clothes. Washer And Dryer Combo does not require any air vent. Therefore it saves a lot of cost.

Its Portability:

It saves the time and effort of the people by using the machine. They are portable in nature and it has got a pipe which can be fixed to any sink for drawing water therefore it does not require a separate water pipe. Just like washing machines and dryer their work is all most the same and with better technologies they are capable of performing much better. It can simultaneously wash and at the same time dry the clothes. These machines are generally called combo washer and dryers. The companies are using modern technologies to make it more compact for the benefit of the users.


Features of Washer and Dryer Combo:
These machines are packed with many features and therefore reduce the burden of the people. Some typical features are:

(a) Front loading system:

The Washer and Dryer Combo machines usually come with a front loading system. This system offers quick access to the clothes that are being washed and dried, greater efficiency and the washing is more effective and cleaner. In the top loading system, the clothes are not washed properly since the clothes are left to soak in the water while in a front loading system the drum is tilted therefore giving a good wash to the clothes.

(b) A unique ventless system:

The specialty of this combo machine is that they have ventless drying system that is not found in the separate washing and drying machine. They use the hot air to dry the clothes to some extent and then made to go out through a condensing chamber. Then cold water is used and it is made to flow to the opposite direction of the hot air thereby drying the clothes. All though they take a long time to dry and wash but it gives a satisfactory result.

(c) Automatic sensing and child lock system:

These machines have automatic sensors that make the work of the user much easy. All most every function is automatic and it keeps a look on the water and temperature level. They even have a bell to alarm the user when the washing is finished or when the user forgets and keeps the clothes inside the washing and drying machine. It also has a child lock system that prevents small children from getting in touch with the machine while it is operating.

Carrying Capacity:

Haier’s HLP21N washing machine review

This Washer And Dryer Combo has various models of different carrying capacity. The one with the largest capacity is much bigger in size and somewhat costly. But generally the people buy the medium size and the small size models as they are more efficient and user friendly. These models generally have more washing capacity. These companies mainly produce the smaller size models since the cost of production is less and it gives a higher profit.

Use of Fewer Detergents:

Washer and Dryer Combo machines require small amount of detergents since less water is required for washing. Moreover due to use of modern technology and competition in the market, the companies are producing units that consume less water and detergent to attract more customers.

Some other Benefits:

Washer and Dryer Combo machines offer a lot offer other benefits to the customers. The main benefit is that it takes a minimal amount of space and at the same it is portable. They have got wheels so that it can be move from one place to another. These washer and dryer machines comes with star ratings. As they use less energy so they are certified with energy star. They are efficient to operate and require less maintenance. They are becoming popular generally among the middle class people.